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Welcome to Angello Productions we are located in Northeast Ohio we are a full-service production facility offering Video, photography, lighting, sound, editing, equipment sales, equipment insulation and project and event managing / consulting services. We specialize in product marketing, corporate events management, product photography commercial and broadcast video production we also offer equipment sales, installation and system maintenance, management and repair. We can help your facility get up and running and stay up and running we work with a variety of clients from the person who wants a small streaming set up in their house to full broadcast systems. We especially love working with churches to make their members worshiping experiences enjoyable helping you perfect your live stream Lighting in church audio. We believe in education so we’d love to offer  your employees education and training on software and equipment.

 Angello Productions has been around for over 20 years and prides ourselves in providing elite service and support for our clients.  This service helps us set ourselves apart from our competitors.  We love taking an out-of-the-box approach and pushing limits to make sure our clients get the best results for their projects, companies and facilities. Our out-of-the-box thinking helps keep cost more reasonable for our clients in comparison to more traditional companies.

No matter if your next project is on land or under the sea Angello productions has you covered. Contact us today and let’s talk about creating something rememberable.

Angello Productions Origin Story

Welcome to Angello Productions we are a full-service production facility. We specialize in product marketing, corporate events management, video production, and photography. For your employees we provide services for continuous education and training on software and equipment.  We offer managing/maintenance videos, lighting and sound technology in your facilities. Angello Productions has been around for over 25 years and prides ourselves in providing elite service and support for our clients.  This service helps us set ourselves apart from our competitors.  We love taking an out-of-the-box approach and pushing limits to make sure our clients get the best results for their projects, companies and facilities. Our out-of-the-box thinking helps keep cost more reasonable for our clients in comparison to more traditional companies.

Angello Productions didn’t start out like most traditional companies. The first thing you need to understand is that Sam was a very shy and introverted child. At a young age, he was diagnosed with Dyslexia.  It wasn’t until later in life when he realized that being Dyslexic was his true superpower. Along the way, Sam had encountered many people, teachers and other children who thought that he was lazy, uneducated and dumb. Some teachers even went so far to tell his family that they need to get more realistic expectations for him, like working at a fast food restaurant. But what they didn’t understand was the true creativity that Sam had locked away in his head. Yes, he was different and yes he has dyslexia but that made him think outside-of-the-box. Having Dyslexia unlocked a whole new universe of possibilities, creativity and ideals  

Making friends was difficult for him and Sam’s parents always wanted him to have friends. So they threw him a birthday party for his seventh birthday and hired a magician. After watching the magician perform, Sam decided quickly that he was going to be a magician. Now if you know Sam you know he can’t do anything small or within reason. Everything he does has to be large, grandiose and a giant spectacle. So Sam’s parents took him to a local magic shop. Sam had no interest in any of the small close up magic the magician was showing him. Sam wanted the big gigantic stage illusions. So his parents of course, because he’s an only child, indulged him.  They let  him buy stage illusions.  Sam practiced and enlisted his cousins as his first magic assistants and competed in a variety of magic competitions.  Be a magician was like seeing the metamorphosis  of a shy boy into a dynamic, outgoing young man.  

Then his parents made a gigantic mistake and took him to see David Copperfield. Sam quickly learned that what really made Magic special wasn’t just big stage illusions, but all of the production elements that when along with the magic, lighting, sound and choreography.  The next day, Sam felt that he needed to compete with Copperfield so he convince his parents to take him to a local music shop and he bought  his first PA system. It consisted of two little custom audio speakers and a sound board.  He also wrangled out of them eight Par-Cans and two lighting trees. Sam started doing magic shows for a local clown troop in his school. He honed his craft at nursing homes and day cares. Then when Sam was in sixth grade he had a class project to start a business. Sam, as we learned earlier, can’t do anything on a small scale, so he decided that he was going to start a full fledge production company to DJ school dances.

djAgain, Sam went on a buying frenzy. he went to Guitar Center and purchased four duel JBL speakers, automated lighting, a 32 channel soundboard and a microphone system. He convinced the school to let him and his friends produce his first ever local talent show. He also got involved with the school’s theater program. He was heavily involved with building sets, lighting design, sound design etc. Sam didn’t know that this time he was spending in the theater would be a pivotal turning point not just for his tech skills but also his whole social presence. 

Sam was always shy on stage even during his magic shows. But when the school decided to put it on the musical On the Town. Sam’s life changed for the good.  If you don’t know the play, there’s a scene where cavemen are dancing around on stage in loin cloths.  The Director told Sam that even though he was running the soundboard, he had to be one of the extras and dance on stage. Sam completely freaked  and hid underneath the ticket booth desk. He called his mom to come get him. But before his mom showed up,  the theater teacher found him, dragged him to the dressing room and forced him to put on a loin cloth. His mom finally arrived and was amazed for right before her was Sam in a loincloth dancing on stage in front of everybody. 

Two things could’ve happened at this point, one,  he could’ve became a stripper or two,  take all of that anxiety he had, forget it and put it into his magic show and that’s what he did .When the school theater program was looking to do a fundraiser, Sam came up with the ideal, “let’s do a magic show.” That’s when his two passions collided and he put together the Sam Angello Magic And Illusion Show. It was a two hour, fully polished stage show, just like the one  he saw David Copperfield do a few years earlier. 

Sam continue doing the stage illusion shows all through his high school years and into his early college years. These shows were fundraisers for schools and nonprofits to help them raise money for their cause. Sam never took a penny from any of these shows because it was more important to help other people than to make money. Sam also donated his DJ services to many different charities and special-needs organizations.  In doing so, organizations were able to provide a special day to people that needed it the most. Sam always called these jobs Angello Productions Gives Back.  He said helping people and making them smile is worth more than any money you could ever make.

 If you know Sam, you know he is big on family. Sam actually enjoys being around his parents and working with them. He loves enlisting his parents as his roadie.  They help  move all of his gear around town, helping with the set up and tearing down  of productions.  His poor 70-year-old parents still move sound equipment today.  They will tell you that they are too old,  but they actually enjoy being a part of a family owned business.

After high school, Sam tried traditional college where he was going to be a theater major.  He took about two years of theater classes before his plans got derailed. Sam needed to take some electives so he decided to sign up for a television production class.  It was there he met a  professor named Charlene Duncan.  It was Charlene  who convinced him that his skills would be well-suited for the video production industry. Sam quickly learned that video production allowed him to do everything he loved: sound, lighting, set design plus incorporate a different type of magic. So Sam set off on the journey to learn all about video production and photography. It was during this time Charlene gave Sam a lot of opportunities to direct and be a lead on projects. She really let him go crazy overboard which he loved to do. She let him run free with his creativity and really find his passion. She was the only teacher/professor who wasn’t judgmental or offended by his “Dyslexia.”  She saw it a s gift and allowed him opportunities others would not. Unfortunately, the school decided that they were going let Charlene go.  Sam was very upset. Did we mention that Sam Italian! Sam being Sam and completely irrational, decided to leave the school because he thought it was a horrible thing they did to his friend and mentor.  As a side note, Sam and Charlene are still good friends to this day.

Scuba DivingSam was ready to move on anyway.  The equipment at the University was old and antiquated. They had nothing new to offer him. He decided to try and get into a broadcast School. Well, he met al lot of  resistance. Sam’s  dyslexia was a problem for them. These so called schools were not receptive to a person with Dyslexia being in the production industry.  It was like ” if you can’t read how will you ever produce a video, radio show or theatrical play.”  Sam was kicked out of many school interviews after telling these people where they could go stick their ideals. So Sam, who hates being told no, had too reset. He decided to go to his local community college which was one of his best decision he ever made. The local community college was just getting their video production program off the ground. They had bought a tons of new gear (and we know Sam loves new gear.)  After he was accepted Sam was given opportunities to help put together it together. This was an awesome experience for him.  He ended up graduating with honors from the community college with a degree in Cinematography. But that wasn’t good enough for him.  He needed more. He needed to show the world that a person with dyslexia could truly strive for greatness. Sam heard about a school in Florida called Full Sail University. He decided to apply and was accepted. Sam had one goal: to be the best he could be at everything he did.  Sam received straight A’s in every class at Full Sail. Received his Bachelor’s degree and was the valedictorian of his graduating class.  Sam learned a lot about the principles of filmmaking at Full Sail University.

However, Sam was still dealing with how people perceived him because of his Dyslexia. He concluded that life is short to worry about how others perceive you. He doesn’t try to conform to the way they think you should be.  Sam realized that the issue was that he was an out-of-the-box thinker when it comes to approaching life and work. And that’s how he runs his company today. He looks at what the client’s needs, ideas and budgets are for the project or company. He then tries to find unique and creative solutions to meet his clients expectations and goals. Sam believes that helping people, putting a smile on their faces and spending time with family is more important than any amount of money you’ll ever make. He is the first one that is typically willing to help somebody else in need. That is what makes this company truly different than others. We put our clients first before anything else and we truly believe that everybody we work with is part of our famili